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Laura Licious - hot bad girls

Laura Licious

About me
Hello Everyone!

I'm Laura, and I LOVE to be in front of the camera! I am extremely passionate, professional, outgoing, fun, creative, easy to get along with, and punctual. I put 500% into every project that I take on! I also have a background in acting, as well, and I have appeared in Several Movie and Music Video productions.

I am here to connect and network with other talented, ambitous people, in the field, in order to gain some new and exciting opportunities, along with adding unique images to my portfolio, as I need to. Anything else you would like to know, just ask!

Acting , Public Speaking, Golfing, & All Water Sports

**As of October 2009, I will be accepting PAID ASSIGNMENTs ONLY!! My rates are industry standard and reasonable, so feel free to ask. I will accept TF projects from exceptional photographers, as I need to update my portfolio. (May be willing to accept tear sheets as trade*) But, PLEASE do NOT ask me to do implied/nude for TFP. You want to see skin, I want to see "cash".

***Flakes please do not bother contacting me...If you do not know how to communicate or confirm, then please move on to someone else who doesn't take their career seriously!

-I am willing to travel, but I must be compensated, or expenses must be covered, if I am going a long distance.

-I do not do hard-core fetish, bondage, or adult material....So, please don't ask! (However, I would LOVE to talk to anyone with an AMAZING latex, or rubber wardrobe!!)

-This is not a dating site, and I am not looking for a date, so for those that are e-mailing me looking for a romantic relationship, stop!! It isn't professional, and that is not why I am here! Please refer to

-I am interested in commercial print, beauty, glamour, fashion, editorial, & promotional, along with film.

-I will do lingerie, swimsuit, implied and artistic/glamour nude work.....paid projects only! (Can provide additional nude work and references, upon request!)

-I reserve the right to bring an escort, if you give me a reason to feel that it is necessary!

-While I have the ability to do my own hair/make-up, I prefer to work with a talented MUA and hair stylist, in order to achieve the best possible end result.

-If I do accept a TF project with you, please have the images to me, when you state that you are going to initially, not 3 weeks, or 3 months later.....I arrive on time, so I expect my images to, as well.

-I do have my bellybutton pierced and a small-sized tattoo on my belly...very easily hidden.

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