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Shay Maria: Ta-Tas are Heavy - ( Hot cute girl )

Shay Maria

Here’s best way I can introduce Shay Maria. She makes Salma Hayek look like a boy. I’ve seen her pictures on very influential blogs, and I thought to myself, damn that chick is hot, she must be one of those models that doesn’t speak a lick of English with questionable green-card status. But then I looked a little closer. I noticed her hipster sensibilities. There’s no way a chick wearing cute hipster glasses, is fresh off the boat!

As it turns out, my fantasy girl is a way hot and sweet Cali girl! What she brings to the modeling game isn’t apparent of her age. She looks like she’s a veteran when she’s just a baby! Her pictures are both stoical (calm, cool), yet at the same time, the exact opposite (warm, effusive). She’s also a professional hip-hop dancer… the talents are countless. I just hope she develops the dumping boyfriends talent, for the sake of single loner internet males a/k/a in-humanity. Shay isn’t what humans may describe as “hot,” she’s from another planet!

Shabooty: Do you only date one type of men/race? Haha.
Shay Maria: Shay Maria: No, I went through my phases… my Black phase, my Asian phase, went through my Asian, now I’m in the Mexican phase.

Are you Bi-sexual?
Shay Maria: No, I’m not. Only like the dudes.

But if you had to get with a famous chick, who’d be your type?
Shay Maria: Oh nah, I’d probably go for Natalie Portman or Adriana Lima.

Do you have a boyfriend?
Shay Maria: Yes, he is half Mexican and half White. But he doesn’t speak Spanish. I love men who speak Spanish. I’m a sucker for Spanish speaking men.

What’s your favorite brand of clothing?
Shay Maria: I used to work at American Apparel. I used to love their clothes.

I was getting them for free. Now, I don’t work there anymore and I now realized how ridiculous their prices are… So brands for me to wear – I’m not really brand type chick – I like thrift stores.

That’s the hipster in you, that likes the thrift stores.
Shay Maria: Yeah, I guess so, plus it’s cheaper.

Who’s your favorite hip-hop artist?
Shay Maria: I like DJ Quik and Kurupt.

Have you met any hip-hop artists that have subsequently turned you off to their music, due to their douchiness?
Shay Maria: I was obsessed with J. Holiday for a minute. I did a video shoot for him. I expected him to be all sweet and he was all cocky and an asshole, like my shit don’t stink and that kinda killed it for me.

I keep dropping the h-word, but would you say you’re a hipster?
Shay Maria: I dunno, I’d say I’m a mixture of like indie+hiphop+hippy.

Who are your contemporaries in the modeling game that have inspired you?
Shay Maria: I’ve been a fan of Adriana Lima since before I can remember — and Kate Moss has a lot of raw shit that I love.

What about a chick you’ve already worked with on a shoot?
Shay Maria: Rachel Metz — I worked with her on shooting the Primitive Summer Lookbook. She was really fun and chill to work with and easy going, so I like her.

Have any model chicks hit on you?
Shay Maria: No, I don’t think I’ve had a model chick hit on me — of course the girls tell the girls, “oh my god, you’re so cute!” It’d be more like that… I’ve def been hit on by girls before, a lot. I dunno if it’s the vibe I send off but…

Would you ever do The Howard Stern Show?
Shay Maria: Hell yeah.

A lot of my readers are Howard Stern fans…
Shay Maria: Well there you go. Let’s do it, sign me up!

What city do you live in?
Shay Maria: Buena Park, CA. Near Fullerton.

How did you get started modeling?
Shay Maria: As you know, I’m a hip-hop dancer originally. The industry was really slow and people just approached me [saying] you have a really great look, you should try modeling. I was on my first t-shirt (Metro Park) — after that it took off.

Were you voluptuous at a young age?
Shay Maria: Oh yeah, in 8th grade, I had C’s. I would get hated on — all the girls hated me.

For lack of a better term I guess you were ahead of the ‘curve’?
Shay Maria: Oh yeah, I was ahead of everyone else.

You came out of the womb with B’s?
Shay Maria: With C’s, lol.

Were you sexually active at a particularly young age?
Shay Maria: No. Actually, I didn’t know what anything was — all I knew was making out until I was a junior in high school.

Back then you only knew about getting “motor-boated”?
Shay Maria: No, I didn’t even know what that was (motor boating). I didn’t know who Britney Spears was until the 8th grade!

Images here are more or less from and Fuck Yeah Shay Maria.

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